XF Writing Challenge Season 2

Continuing with the “use every title of the season” challenge with X-Files…This one has been my favorite (also from 2012).

Episode titles are underlined.


Maybe someone should pray for me today –

Gather up your blessed be’s, amen, excelsius dei

For I might fall apart some sleepless night.

I can’t stop myself –

Floating like a Calusari looking for my aubrey.

 Firewalker on a mission,

           Død Kalm

Counting, “3, 2, 1…”

                         Irresistible ascension

To the sun, any star, or a colony of dust somewhere in space

Where little green men still manage to maintain that fearful symmetry

That frightening mystique

In the dark, in the sands –

In the red, red land of some forgotten Anasazi

                             Humbug chased unto extinction.


Oh, what have I become?

My own f. emasculata, hurting whomever I must save.

Blood, blood, blood

On the stairs, in every parking garage;

Blood, blood, blood

On my hands, it’ll never wash off.

A twisted mind plays host to some red museum contrition,

Full of fresh bones in the soft light

Listen to the souls cry, “This is our town!”

Maybe they’re right.

So you back away,

Count, “1, 2, 3…”

Snap a chord and I’m Duane Barry

In one moment,  one breath, first take:

The devil gets to play

   Die hand die verletzt and it’s end game.

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