XF Writing Challenge Season 3

After a 3 year break…I was finally able to bring something together for season 3. Oh my.

We’ll throw hell money at strange issei, nesei men, at corpses;
                    Spy on their D.P.O. hoping some oshiya’s mail will unveil wondrous tragedies
                                       Pusher of the dead hearing 731 voices,
                                       Ryokaku seiri gakari and all those deformed bodies.
                        They are nameless on the list of riddles in the crypt,
                                                                              Teso dos bichos em sua oubliette.
                                   And what did they do?
They hunted me, they haunted you, ravaged our minds to a grotesque hue,
                 Until trust gets bent from unexpected places
                                                                                     … as “Jose Chung’s from Outer Spaceis.
But I’ve been aboard the Piper Maru,
                                             The quest for perfection a quagmire of eroded truths.
                                  And what do I do?
         I fight the fight, like you told me to,
                      A mere pawn in this War of the Coprophages
                                                                                             …men with shadowed, savage tastes.
       Secrets have a price not known,
                                           Searching for answers yields Clyde Bruckman’s final repose.
                                And what do you do?
You’ve been wetwired to scrutinize, investigate,
                                To view science as the blessing way
                                                                                      …the walk of martyrs you can’t disgrace.
Still, revelations come in the dark of the night,
                        Apocrypha avatar of light singing, “Talitha cumi,” as if it has all the answers.
                                                  Maybe it does.
                                                  Maybe it’s 2shy to prove its might.
Rise, little girl, take up those gloves,
                          You and me, syzygy, it’s what “team” is made of.