XF Writing Challenge Season 5

Finally another season finished! Season 5…the titles started to remind me of Skinner and his delicate balance between good and bad, protecting his agents and lying to them – fun times!

As usual, episode titles are underlined. Yes, I took a certain artistic liberty with Redux I/II (after consulting with fellow Philes on the matter), and decided that really…they’re both named Redux, the numbers are just there to keep the order straight.



I follow you, and you:

                          My beautiful two unusual suspects caught folie a deux

     How did we get here?

                       I try, I do

                                       To guard and guide, love and reproach

                           – A hapless father to some post-modern Prometheus

                             Stealing fires from the monsters pulling my strings,

Crossing the line I try to maintain.


I play both sides,

                           Navigating a dreaded thread between the red and the black:

                                                                   Of Love and Death,

                                                                   Flush of youth and aging grace

                                                                                 – this Church and State

                           A prehistoric battle trapped in a Christmas carol

                                          Infecting all Life’s travelers,

A bad blood disease – and I’m patient X of the Pine Bluff variant.


All souls are waiting for some sign,

                   For recollected light casting shadows on the wall of the cave,

                                                            Archetypes of the mind’s eye

           So am I –

                         I’ve seen it …when I died:

                                 The world displayed in guts and gore

                                 Savage frailty, full glory – hate ignored

 It was enough mystery for this life.


I try to buck, find a damn detour

                        Knock it off,

                                 The things I’ve done – find me!

                                                             Come back – stop me – redux!

                                                             Find your way home;

                                                 Save you, everyone, myself – redux, please!

Beware my destructive emily con su chinga del cigarro 

Remember who you can trust in the end.


They’ve got me by the kill switch,

                        (I won’t get a second break)

              I’m dealing, fed lies bred in schizogeny

                                      I’m still me

                                                         – it doesn’t even matter what I believe,

                                                                             It matters what I do.

                        So what I do is follow you,  and you – kitsunegari

Until I’m turned…folie a three.