XF Writing Challenge Season 5

Finally another season finished! Season 5…the titles started to remind me of Skinner and his delicate balance between good and bad, protecting his agents and lying to them – fun times!

As usual, episode titles are underlined. Yes, I took a certain artistic liberty with Redux I/II (after consulting with fellow Philes on the matter), and decided that really…they’re both named Redux, the numbers are just there to keep the order straight.



I follow you, and you:

                          My beautiful two unusual suspects caught folie a deux

     How did we get here?

                       I try, I do

                                       To guard and guide, love and reproach

                           – A hapless father to some post-modern Prometheus

                             Stealing fires from the monsters pulling my strings,

Crossing the line I try to maintain.


I play both sides,

                           Navigating a dreaded thread between the red and the black:

                                                                   Of Love and Death,

                                                                   Flush of youth and aging grace

                                                                                 – this Church and State

                           A prehistoric battle trapped in a Christmas carol

                                          Infecting all Life’s travelers,

A bad blood disease – and I’m patient X of the Pine Bluff variant.


All souls are waiting for some sign,

                   For recollected light casting shadows on the wall of the cave,

                                                            Archetypes of the mind’s eye

           So am I –

                         I’ve seen it …when I died:

                                 The world displayed in guts and gore

                                 Savage frailty, full glory – hate ignored

 It was enough mystery for this life.


I try to buck, find a damn detour

                        Knock it off,

                                 The things I’ve done – find me!

                                                             Come back – stop me – redux!

                                                             Find your way home;

                                                 Save you, everyone, myself – redux, please!

Beware my destructive emily con su chinga del cigarro 

Remember who you can trust in the end.


They’ve got me by the kill switch,

                        (I won’t get a second break)

              I’m dealing, fed lies bred in schizogeny

                                      I’m still me

                                                         – it doesn’t even matter what I believe,

                                                                             It matters what I do.

                        So what I do is follow you,  and you – kitsunegari

Until I’m turned…folie a three.

XF Writing Challenge Season 4

All the titles seemed to be leaning toward CSM, so this is kinda from his view. We all know he sees himself as the hero in the story of the saving the planet – if only those pesky agents would understand and join him!

Real Heroes Lie

I was small potatoes,
                     So content – never again!
I pushed persuasion to the max,
               Enthroned with the clout of ancient men
                   Watching so many highs and lows,
                         Celebrated names that smile and go, and here I stand.
I have helped so many lives,
El mundo gira – I have saved it countless times.
Tempus fugit, then goodbye –
                                       Digging Leonard Betts deep, forgive me,
                                                                                    I certainly tried.
Who will be there to write my elegy,
                    To say Kaddish in somber monotone?
“Blessed is His name, whose glorious kingdom is forever”
                                 – Oh, I knew it was a zero sum game,
                                    But this unruhe wears a placid face.
I built a sanguinarium in Gethsemane then stalled for peace with hungry vampires,
                     Praying beyond our captors:
                                                                               urfuʼa ugʼulla usliha v’khappara
                                                                                                        verevaḥ vehatzala*
                      Send my demons crawling home,
                                                 Consumed by the fires of glittering stars.
Fear them,
                    They’ll colonize the chernozem,
Drang nach osten
Drang nach westen,
                                    Das Herrenvolk, in synchrony
Teliko devils displaced to show us all the true master race.
Yet you call me the monster,
                      Disregard my paper heart,
         As if I’m the one that tore that hole in Tunguska!
Terma bed themselves in wisdom while you crucify the sooth –
                    Is there no faith in good intent?
          None of it was lies, believe me,
                   But I can’t share everything with fools,
                              I merely held on to the truth.
Memento mori amici mei, it’s never where you expect –
                  I’m calling from the field where I died,
                  Right here where I tried to get through,
                                                       But you wouldn’t hear it.
Think of these as the musings of a cigarette smoking man
           On his unrequited quest for an heir and a friend,
                                 With a lonely soul begging mercy and amends.
*translation: Healing, redemption, forgiveness, atonement
Relief and salvation (lines from the Kaddish)